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The present-day MKU Chemie group was already founded in 1956. 65 years ago, we started our own production of metalworking oils under the name of “Mineralöl Klapp Urberach”.

The MKU Chemie group is a worldwide operating family-owned company without outside shareholders. Besides the headquarters in Rödermark near Frankfurt/Main, we are internationally represented by our subsidiaries in France, Italy, the Czech Republic and China.

As supplier of the industrial sectors metal, glass, ceramics, semiconductors, wood, plastics and rubber, MKU produces all types of cooling lubricants like hydraulic fluids, gear- and circulating oils, cleaners and release agents as well as intermediate products like corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers, AW and EP additives.

By our own additive development and production, MKU-Chemie group excels as an innovative and leading company. Our product range comprises presently about 1600 qualities of which about 90 % are produced in response to costumer orders.

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Questionnaire about general operational conditions for the proper use of metal-working oils.

Request concerning a product

Karriere mit Perspektive?

Als mittelständischer, inhabergeführter Hersteller hochwertiger Spezialschmierstoffe für die verarbeitende Industrie gehören wir seit 65 Jahren zu den Besten der Branche.

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