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As MKU only uses substances complying with the REACH regulation, all MKU products comply with the REACH regulation. In order to ensure this, we carry out incoming/ outgoing goods inspections in our laboratory. For this purpose, material test certificates are issued in order to guarantee traceability.

New developments are made in compliance with REACH and their practicability is tested in our laboratories with the corresponding physical, chemical and mechanical test series and methods before the test phase in practice begins. Only after these measures have been concluded successfully, the respective products will be approved for industrial use.

Furthermore, we regularly conduct customer-related physical and chemical tests, thus ensuring an optimum adaptation to the customer’s requests and the highest possible quality standard of the finished product.

For this purpose, the formulation and product specifications are managed and maintained in a customer-related data file. Already before the formulations and product specifications are determined, developments are made according to defined standards for test series in our laboratories and their features are optimized for practical use. In parallel, the developments are continuously updated based on customer-specific requirements. We thus aim to meet the requirement of a continuous improvement of our quality.

Furthermore, we analyze the products in use regularly in our laboratory according to defined specifications in order not only to ensure the process security at our customers, but even to increase it.

*REACH = Registration – Evaluation – Authorisation and restriction of Chemical substances