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Fine blanking oils and release agents

Putrol® K

Water-miscible, mineral oil-containing high pressure cooling lubricants for deep-drawing and wire-drawing, also for light forming operations on stainless steel.
Water-miscible mould release agents for aluminium die casting, zinc die casting, chipboards, etc.
Release agent and lubricant for the rubber industry (tyres and sealing elements)

Ranges of application:
Forming, deep-drawing, wire-drawing, hydrophobing, releasing

Putrol® NW

Drawing oils for flat-drawing, cylindrical drawing and profile drawing of semi-finished products and deep-drawing, stamping oils for manufacturing of perforated sheets,
Fine stamping oils
Not water-miscible release agents for aluminium continuous casting
Forming oils for external lubrication for internal high pressure forming (IHPF)

Ranges of application:
Forming, flat-drawing, cylindrical drawing, profile drawing, deep-drawing, stamping, releasing