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Cutting oils


Cutting oils for standard machining operations as well as center grinding oils for glass, optical and ceramics industries

Ranges of application:
Drilling, turning, milling

Dionol® Extra

Oils for minimum quantity lubrication using spraying devices with minimum consumption. Carrier fluids for preparation of slurries for wire-sawing of semiconductor materials and for lapping of ceramic and metal materials.

Ranges of application:
Drilling, milling, sawing, thread cutting, wire-sawing.

Dionol® Spezial

Cooling lubricants and cooling oils for higher alloyed materials, is used as multi-purpose oil, cutting oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil and bearing luboil.

Ranges of application:
Drilling, turning, milling, sawing

Dionol® T

Special deep hole -drilling oils for single-fluted and double-fluted gun drilling as well as for the ejector and BTA procedure.

Range of application:
Deep hole-drilling

Dionol® Super

EP-cooling oils and cutting oils for special materials (like e.g. titanium and bone screws for medical engineering) for most difficult cutting operations.

Ranges of application:
Drilling, turning, milling, thread cutting, thread rolling, shaping, broaching, sawing, deep hole-drilling

Dionol® GT

Glass cutting oils for flat glass, evaporating and non-evaporating, water-washable for thin and thick glasses
Cleaners, not water-miscible

Ranges of application:
Glass cutting, glass grinding, glass drilling, glass milling

Dionol® Gewindeschneidöl

Special thread cutting oils, mainly for thread cutting automates (continuous procedure, in/out), also for hand-cut threads

Ranges of application:
Continuous procedure, in/out, hand cut threads

Dionol® P

Polishing oils and straightening oils for semi-finished products with corrosion protection, amongst others for the wire industry and bright steel industry

Ranges of application:
Polishing and straightening wires which are drawn from coils to ropes.

Dionol® R

Broaching oils for ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals, high-performance broaching oils for rotary broaching and rapid broaching, horizontal and vertical

Ranges of application:

Dionol® H

Special honing oils and lapping oils for fine-polishing (finishing) in order to improve surface quality e.g. after deep-hole drilling

Ranges of application:
Honing, lapping, finishing and super-finishing for metal, glass and ceramic